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The decentralized crowdfunding portal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses & investors.

Coinstox is a DeFi crowdfunding platform that enables startups and entrepreneurs to generate capital fast, intelligent and transparent in exchange of crypto tokens.

CSX Token address: 0x3aadc3BCe49724ce299fD9F3850211211c399C8c

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Benefits of Coinstox

 Here are some of the great benefits Coinstox has to offer

How does Coinstox work?

Coinstox is a platform where start-ups and companies get supported from the community with crypto to realize their projects. Companies can create their own crypto project tokens and distribute them to their supporters. In return, supporters unlock countless benefits from project tokens.

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We tokenize your idea!

 Coinstox makes it possible for Creators, Start-Ups or existing Businesses to obtain capital easier, faster and decentralized.

The big advantages of choosing Coinstox over other crowdfunding platforms or banks:

On other crowdfunding platforms many times creators have difficulties in offering attractive rewards to investors.

Investors receive Crypto tokens from the creators instead of a lousy T-Shirt

Like in an IPO, creators are able to keep most of the raised capital and use it to built their business, as investors will either use their tokens or sell them to third parties.

As the creator publishes the project called „XYZ“, Coinstox automatically creates 100.000 XYZ Tokens (in this example, the creator pre-defines the par value as 1,- but can be pre-defined at any par value)

CSX-The Native Token of Coinstox

CSX is the token, which is used in the whole ecosystem of the Coinstox platform.

CSX is demanded to execute tasks and to invest into projects.

CSX is paired to all project tokens and can be swapped to them.

CSX is usable in all on Coinstox funded projects as well as at external acceptance partners.


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Participating in the sale of CSX Token, purchasing CSX Token, and using any services offered by Coinstox involves risks and potential financial losses, including but not limited to:

Features, functions, parameters, and other qualities of CSX Token as well as software, networks, protocols, systems, and other technologies (including), if applicable, any blockchain) (“Base Technology”) used for administration, creation, issuance, transfer, cancellation, utilization or processing of operations involving CSX Token, maybe technologically complex or difficult to comprehend or assess.

CSX Token and its Base Technology may be vulnerable to attracks targeting the security wholeness, or functionality of CSX Token or its Base Technology (“Attack”), which may include attacks employing computing power sufficient to suppress normal operating of the blockchain or another Base Technology.

CSX Token, CSX Token Qualities, or Base Technology may change or in one way or something cease functioning according to expectations due to changes made to the Base Technology. Changes made using the features or functions embedded in the Base Technology or changes brought on by an Attack. These changes may include, without limitation, “changes to the source code” or a “rollback” of CSX Token or the blockchain.

CSX Token may be nullified, lost or spent, or lose most or all of its value is some other way as a result of changes to the source code, rollbacks, Attacks, changes to CSX Token Qualities, or inability of CSX Token to function as intended. CSX may pause or revoke access to services in the interest of complying with applicable laws and regulations, or if instructed by law enforcement or other government agencies, as well as other reasons, at the discretion of the Coinstox (CSX).

CSX Token may be change in price or lose all of its value due to various factors, including the discovery of unlawful behaviour, market manipulation, changes to CSX Token qualities or presumed value of Token Qualities, Attacks, as well as other factors, including, among other things, factors independent of CSX.

CSX Token may decrease in price or lose all of its value due to legal or regulatory activity, or other actions made by law enforcement or other governmental bodies.